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Dishwasher Makes Noise

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If your dishwasher makes noise, it may come from many sources. Sometimes the solution to this problem may be easy to fix. Sometimes it will have to get help from a repair person to fix the problem. If you follow the steps below, we think that you will be able to identify the problem and possibly fix it.

  1. 1Repair your dishwasher free: Find if you have warranty for your dishwasher. If you bought your dishwasher within one year, it is most likely that you have warranty. Most appliance manufacturers provide one year free warranty. If you have warranty, call the company and get your dishwasher fixed. If you do not have warranty and do not want to spend too much money, you will have to spend some time to identify and possibly fix the problem. The steps below will guide you through the process of identifying and fixing the problem.
  2. 2Improperly loaded dishes: The manufacturers of dishwashers provide specific instructions how the dishes should be loaded in the rack. Look in your user’s manual and load the dishes according to the instructions. Run the dishwasher in normal mode and see if the noise persists. If you still hear noise, proceed to the next steps.
  3. 3 Unbalanced position: The dishwasher should be installed on a leveled floor. Check if all the legs of the dishwasher are touching the floor firmly. You can test it by pressing all four corners and sides one by one. If one of the sides tilts when you press, that side is not contacting the floor. You can use cushions made of rubber to make the dishwasher sit firmly on the floor. In general, dishwashing machine legs have rubber caps and locking nuts. Check if they are in place properly. If they are missing or defective, buy new ones and install them correctly.
  4. 4 Water inlet valve: Old water inlet valves may quiver ON and OFF. This may cause thumping or chattering sound during the water filling cycle. Call a repair technician to replace the water inlet valve and try the dishwasher in normal mode. If the problem continues, read the next step.
  5. 5 Motor: The sound may come from the motor bearings. With time bearings wear out and loose their grease. If bearings come in contact with water, the grease gets washed away. These bearings will make loud noise when the motor is running. Bearings can get wet if the spin seal is faulty. The seal must be replaced if it leaks water. Sometimes the plastic disc mounted to the top of the motor may break and be the source of noise when the motor is ON. The motor must be replaced is this case.
  6. 6Heater fan: Some dishwashers are equipped with heater fan. You may hear loud sound from the fan if the fan bearing are worn or blades are loose. You need to replace the fan if it is the source of noise.
  7. 7 Debris in pump: Sometimes bones, small silverware and other small hard food particles may get stuck in the pump. Make sure there is no hard material in the pump which is at the bottom of the dishwasher. If there is any hard things stuck in the pump, remove them and start the dishwasher in normal mode. Call a qualified repair technician if you need help.