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Automatic Clothes Dryer Timer does not Work

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Timers are of different types. Some of the timers control the length of time the motor will run; others control time of motor operation, temperature and moisture. Timers are supposed to advance during the operation of your dryer. If the timer does not advance, most possibly the timer is broken and needs replacement.

Timer replacement is an easy task for a person who is technologically inclined. If you have the proper skill and you take appropriate safety precaution, we think that you will be able to identify if the timer is bad or not, and replace it if necessary. We present the following step by step procedures for identifying and replacing the timer in your dryer. Proper precaution must be taken before you want to do any testing or repair work on your dryer.

  1. 1Repair your dryer free: Find if you have warranty for your dryer. If you bought your dryer within one year, it is most likely that you have warranty. Most appliance manufacturers provide one year free warranty. If you have warranty, call the company and get your dryer fixed. If you do not have warranty and do not want to spend too much money, you will have to spend some time to identify and possibly fix the problem. The steps below will guide you through the process of identifying and fixing the problem.
  2. 2Test the timer: Timers are very costly and relatively difficult to test. Before you test the timer, make sure that you have checked other components. One simple way of testing the timer is to run the dryer and manually move the timer. If the dryer works when you manually advance the timer, the timer is most possibly bad and you need to replace it. Call a qualified technician if you are not skilled enough in handling electrical machines. If you are comfortable with handling electrical equipments and taking appropriate safety precautions, you can follow the following steps and replace the timer.

    1. aSafety first: Disconnect the power plug of the dryer from the wall outlet. For gas dryer, turn off gas flow to the dryer.
    2. b Open dryer timer knob: Pull the timer knob; it should come off the console easily. Sometimes it will be useful if you insert a rubber band underneath the knob and pull the knob out gently.
    3. cAccess the timer: Open the console. Dryer manufacturers design the console different ways. Some of the dryers will have end caps and screws to assemble the console to the machine. Others will have a panel at the back attached by screws. Access the dryer timer by opening the console.
    4. dDetach the timer from the dryer: Timers are held by some screws. Unscrew the screws and detach the timer from the dryer body. DO NOT DISCONNECT the wires from the timer at this time.
    5. eBuy new timer: Your old timer should have a long number at the back, write it down. Also, note down the make and model number of your dryer. Go to the appliance part store with the information you just wrote down and buy a new timer.
    6. fTransfer wires from the old timer to the new timer: To avoid confusion, you must transfer one wire at a time. Disconnect one wire from the old timer and connect it to the corresponding spot in the new timer. Continue until you are done with transferring all the wires from the old to the new timer.
    7. gInstall new timer: Secure the new timer in the dryer by using screws.
    8. hInstall the console: Attach the console to the dryer correctly.
    9. iInstall timer knob: Attach the timer knob.
    10. jTest for functionality: Connect power source and test your dryer for functionality.