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Dryer Takes too Long to Dry Clothes

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If your drying is taking unusually longer time to dry clothes, it is wasting electricity and your time. A dryer should not take more than 50 minutes to dry clothes. You need to fix the problem as soon as possible. The problem of long drying time is normally related to lint, improper venting, heating element, and internal duct. This problem is relatively easy to fix. We think that if you follow the step by step instructions given below, you will be able to identify and fix the problem.

  1. 1Repair your dryer free: Find if you have warranty for your dryer. If you bought your dryer within one year, it is most likely that you have warranty. Most appliance manufacturers provide one year free warranty. If you have warranty, call the company and get your dryer fixed. If you do not have warranty and do not want to spend too much money, you will have to spend some time to identify and possibly fix the problem. The steps below will guide you through the process of identifying and fixing the problem.
  2. 2Lint: Normal operation of a dryer is dependant on proper air flow. The air must enter and leave the dryer unobstructed. Check the back of the dryer and the wall close to it. If the dryer is too close to the wall, move it so that the air hose can maintain its normal length instead of being pushed against the wall. Pull the lint trap and clean it. Disconnect the air hose from the back of the dryer and clean the accumulated lint. Connect the air hose to the dryer correctly. Check if anything is obstructing the air duct when it vents away from the hose. If there is any lint build-up, clean the lint. Now, try to use the dryer and inspect if it is still taking long time to dry clothes.
  3. 3Heating element: The heating element may be burned out after a while. In this case, the heating element may take longer time to reach its maximum temperature. This time delay will eventually delay the drying of clothes. Call a qualified technician to replace the heating element if it is heating the dryer inefficiently.
  4. 4 Internal duct: Dryers have internal ducts. Sometimes the internal duct may get clogged by lint. Remove the lint filter and check the internal duct by using a flash light. If it is clogged, carefully clean the clog by using a vacuum cleaner.
  5. 5 Improper venting: Vents that are mounted on the roof instead of the wall are generally inefficient in removing moist air from the dryer. If everything else in the dryer is working properly and the dryer still takes long time to dry clothes, then the roof-top venting may be the problem. If it is feasible, move the vent from the roof to the wall. A qualified appliance repair technician can help you in this task.