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How to Replace a Power Cord

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The power cord is attached to almost all appliances. Power cords are made of two insulated wires. It has two ends, one end has the plug that goes into the wall power outlet. The other end of the power cord connects to a terminal box or a connector inside the appliance. Depending on the type of appliance, the power cord is subjected to repeated use, high temperature and strain. After an extended use of the cord, it may get burned and damaged. If the cord is damaged, the electricity can not flow into the appliance. All electric devices will stop working if there is no power going into the device. Testing the power cord may reveal that it is bad. You can follow the steps below to replace it.

  1. Take precaution: Turn off the power source by putting the control panel switch at OFF position. Unplug the power cord of your appliance from the wall outlet.
  2. Find power cord connector: Follow the power cord starting from the plug, you will find a connector box where the end of the cord enters. You may need to take out the back or the top of the appliance to get access to the connector. Disconnect the connector from the appliance by unscrewing the retaining screws.
  3. Disconnect Bad Power cord: In general, the power cord end is held by a plastic plug. This plug is inserted into a female receptor in the connector. Pull off the plastic plug by using pliers. Sometimes there is a strain relief molded at the end. You may need to disconnect a hinge to remove the wire.
  4. Buy a new power cord: Buy a new cord of same gauge and length from your appliance parts supplier. If you take the bad power cord to the parts store, the store sales person will be able to help you in finding a similar power cord. You can also buy power cords from online stores.
  5. Install new power cord: Connect the power cord to the internal wiring using proper connector parts. If you reverse all the steps involved in disconnecting the power cord, you should be able to install the new power cord. Install the back or top of the appliance that you opened to get access to the power cord.
  6. Test for functionality: Turn the power for the appliance ON and operate your appliance to see if it works.