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Save Money By Making Your Own Foaming Dish Washing Soap

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A typical family uses about 10 containers of dish washing soap each year. The average price of a good hand soap bottle cost about $4.00, this amounts to a cost of $40 for an average family of 4 members. You can save a lot of money by making your own foaming dish washing soap. Making your own foaming soap is very simple and anybody should be able to do it. If you make your own foaming dish washing soap, it will save you about $35 dollars for one year supply of foaming dish soap. If you follow the steps below, we are confident that you will successfully make your own foaming dish soap and save money.

  1. 1 Foaming soap dispenser or pump: Easiest way of getting a foaming soap dispenser is to buy a new foaming dish soap bottle. Use all the soap in the bottle that you bought, it may take about one month to use all the soap in it. Do not throw away the container or the dispenser when all the soap has been used up. Wash the bottle with clean water and save for your foaming dish soap making activity. Remember, foaming soap dispenser holds the secret of making foaming soap.
  2. 2 Buy a regular dish washing soap refill bottle: Buy a refill of dish washing soap from your grocery store (at least 32 oz). It will cost you about $5.00. You will be using this soap multiple times.
  3. 3 Making your soap in 5 minutes: Pour dish washing soap into the foaming soap dispenser, stop when the height of soap is about one inch. Turn on your faucet so that water flows very slowly. Hold the foaming soap dispenser under the faucet, stop the faucet when water level is little below the expected height (expected height is the same height you saw when you bought the new bottle of foaming soap. The water height in the bottle is very important, if you overfill, the dispenser will gradually go bad.) Now close the dispenser bottle using its cap. Shake the bottle gently and test for dispensing of your homemade foaming dish soap. If you like scent in your soap, you can add a few drops of essential oil to spice it up with the scent you like.