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How to Replace a Surface Element Receptacle

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Many electric ranges use plug-in heating elements. The elements are plugged into receptacles. The receptacles serve as sockets for the burner element. Power wires are attached at the back of this receptacle. There are metallic contacts inside the receptacle. Electric power flows through the wire at the back and finally enters the heating element via the contacts. If testing a receptacle shows that it is bad, you need to replace the receptacle. You can follow the steps below to replace the receptacle.

  1. 1 Take precaution: Turn off the power source by putting the control panel switch at OFF position or pulling out the fuse for the range. Unplug the power cord if there is any. Be absolutely sure that the range is not getting power by turning ON the switches for each heating element. With the power OFF and the switches of the elements ON, wait for about three minutes. Put your hand close to the heating elements; avoid touching the heating elements. You should not feel any heat if the power is OFF. Turn the switches at OFF position.
  2. 2 Get access to receptacle: In most cases, you will have to remove all the heating elements and the cooktop to get access to the receptacle. If so, remove the heating elements, drip pans, chrome rings and the cooktop. You should see the receptacle.
  3. 3 Remove receptacle: Remove the mounting screws for the bad receptacle. Pull out the receptacle from its seating place. Make sure you do not strain the wires connected to the receptacle.
  4. 4 Disconnect wires from receptacle: Wires from the switch are normally connected to the receptacle using connectors. Some times you may see a cover over the connectors. If there is any cover, remove the cover. Then pull out the connectors from the bad receptacle using pliers. If the wires are held by screws, you need to remove the screws before pulling out the wires. Write down the make and model number of your range.
  5. 5 Buy a new receptacle: Go to an appliance parts store with the bad receptacle and the range model and manufacturer information. Buy a new identical receptacle from the parts store. The sales person should be able to help you in finding a correct receptacle. You can also buy the receptacle from online stores.
  6. 6 Install the new receptacle: Be sure to turn OFF power and the switches. Attach wires to the receptacle using connectors or screws. Install the cover if there is any. Attach the receptacle to the range using screws.
  7. 7 Put all disconnected parts back in place: With power OFF, put all the wires, drip pans, rings, heating elements, the cooktop and other applicable parts back to their original positions.
  8. 8 Test for functionality: Turn ON power to the range. Turn ON the switch for the burner that connects to the new receptor. If the burner (surface element) heats normally, you are done with replacing the bad receptacle correctly.