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How to Replace an Oven Bulb

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If the bulb in your oven does not light up when the switch is ON, you need to test the bulb to see if it is burned out or not. If you find that the bulb is bad after testing the bulb, you can follow the simple steps described below to replace the bulb.

  1. 1 Take precaution: Turn off the power source by putting the control panel switch at OFF position or pulling out the fuse for the range. Unplug the power cord if there is any. Be absolutely sure that the range is not getting power by turning ON the switches for each heating element. With the power OFF and the switches of the elements ON, wait for about three minutes. Put your hand close to the heating elements; avoid touching the heating elements. You should not feel any heat if the power is OFF. Turn the switches at OFF position.
  2. 2 Remove protective cover: You can skip this step if you already removed the cover for testing the bulb or any other reasons. The oven bulb is protected by high heat-resistant wire or glass cover. This protective cover is normally held by screws. Remove the screws using a screw driver. Pull off the cover using a soft cloth. Make sure that the cover is not dropped on hard surface.
  3. 3 Remove bulb: You can skip this step if you already removed the bulb for testing the bulb or any other reasons. Make sure that the bulb is not hot. Remove the bulb by using a soft cloth. Avoid exerting excessive pressure on the bulb; excessive pressure may break the bulb and create problems including cuts on your hand. Most of the cases the bulbs are held by threaded receptacles; you will have to unscrew the bulb by rotating it in the counter-clockwise direction.
  4. 4 Buy new bulb: Most of the ranges use a 40-watts appliance bulb. Appliance bulbs are qualitatively different from a regular bulb that you use in the house. They are built to sustain high heat. Go to an appliance parts store and buy an appliance bulb.
  5. 5 Install new bulb: Most of the cases the bulbs are held by threaded receptacles. Install the new bulb by placing the bulb in its receptacle and rotating it in the clockwise direction. Avoid over tightening the bulb.
  6. 6 Put all disconnected parts back in place: With power OFF, put the bulb cover in place using its retaining screws.
  7. 7 Test for functionality: Turn ON power to the range. Turn the light switch ON. If the bulb lights up, you are done with replacing the bad bulb correctly.