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Refrigerator Freezer Does Not Defrost Automatically

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If the refrigerator freezer does not defrost automatically in a self-defrosting freezer, the refrigerator will take longer time to cool, and with time it will lose its cooling efficiency. You must fix the problem in order to use it for a longer time. Instead of being concerned, you can go through the following systematic approach. If you follow the steps given below, we believe that you will be able to resolve your refrigerator problem with little to no money.

  1. 1Repair your refrigerator free: Find if you have warranty for your refrigerator. If you bought your refrigerator within one year, it is most likely that you have warranty. Most appliance manufacturers provide one year free warranty. If you have warranty, call the company and get your refrigerator fixed. If you do not have warranty and do not want to spend too much money, you will have to spend some time to identify and possibly fix the problem. The steps below will guide you through the process of identifying the problem.
  2. 2 Frequent opening and closing of freezer door: If the users of the refrigerator or freezer open and close the door very frequently, the freezer will never reach the set temperature and the defrost cycle will not start. You will be able to decide if frequent door closing and opening is the issue. If this is not the issue, follow the next step.
  3. 3 Air flow from outside of freezer: If the freezer door does not close properly, air will seep through the openings. This air flow from outside the freezer will prevent the temperature to fall to the set freezer temperature and the defrost cycle will rarely start. Check the door lining and alignment carefully to determine if there is any air flow from outside of the freezer. If so, fix it or call a qualified appliance repair technician if you need help. The technician should be able to identify the cause of the issue and fix the problem.
  4. 4Inside of the freezer: Self-defrosting refrigerators have a drain pipe to remove melted ice and frost from the freezer. If this drain pipe is clogged, the defrost system will have problem. Clean the drain host by gently applying warm water using a dispensing tube such as turkey baster (be careful so that the drain pipe is not destroyed during this process). This should thaw the icing in the drain pipe and clean it. Start the refrigerator and use it for about 24 hours. The automatic defrost should now work if there is no other issues with the defrost system. Move on to the next step if this does not resolve the defrosting issue.
  5. 5 Check if the defrost timer, defrost heater and the thermostat are working correctly. If any of them fails to function, the defrost system will not function. Call a qualified appliance repair technician to test and fix the faulty part.